Project Paleo Day 5

Paleo is freakin’ awesome!  Today I made no breakfast and packed no lunch.  I just ate what was available in the hospital cafe where I work that fit the diet.  It was pretty easy to pick meals. I am glad that I got this paleo thing working for me at work.  Leading people is difficult at time and today was one of those days.  Luckily I righted the ship and had a better afternoon.

This evening was good.  I got a membership at a new gym for me and my girlfriend.  My workout was really good.  I was a little disappointed I did not get to play any hoops.  Now  I’m at home relaxed and fed.


Breakfast was 2 scoops of scrambled eggs, 4 slices of bacon, and an orange.  Lunch was a cantia bowl with beef, sauteed vegetables, pico, and a double serving of guacamole.  The evening meals awesome too.


  • 2 scoops of scrambled eggs
  • 4 slices of thin bacon
  • 1 orange


  • 8 oz of beef
  • 1/2 cup of sauteed veggies
  • 1 oz of pico de guillo
  • 1.5 cup spring salad mix
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


  • 1 banana
  • 10 oz of pulled pork
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 cup berries
  • 1 oz almonds
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • vinegar
  • 1/2 cups pistachios


Even though I did not get to play any pick-up basketball, I did do some shooting for about 20 minutes.  After that I lifted weights.

  • Bench press – barx10, 135×10, 185×8, 225×5, 135×12
  • Cable row – 145×10, 165×8, 185×6, 205×6, 145×12
  • Box jumps – 6,6,6
  • Side raises – 27.5’sx12, 27.5’sx10, 27.5’sx10
  • Leg curls – 8,8,8
  • Arm curls – 75×12, 85×10, 95×6
  • Diamond  push-ups – 12,12,12
  • Abs 2 sets

Paleo Lessons of the Day

The first thing I learned today is that I can do paleo at work.  If I am in a pinch I can find stuff to eat at work.  The second thing I learned today is that there is no basketball on Thursdays at my new gym.  That’s a bummer.  The last thing I learned is that I got this.  After today I feel real confident I can do this for 30 days.

Project Paleo Day 4

Another day in the life of eating like a cave man.  I am not having as much difficulty with it as I thought I would.  It’s really not that that hard.  You eat bacon and eggs in the morning, eat a hearty salad at lunch, and some tasty meat for dinner.  What could be better.  Certainly not vegan.


I had a little more to eat in the morning but did not change my lunch and snack meals.  To be honest I did slip today.  I manage a kitchen in a hospital and part of my job is checking food for quality.  Today the chef insisted I try one of our cinnamon rolls that we offer for breakfast.  I was faced with a dilemma.  I want to stay committed to this diet, but I gotta try this roll to make sure food is good for my patients. So I ate it.  I am telling about my slip up for a couple reasons.  One, full disclosure.  Two, I want to let people know that if you are trying to eat this way and stay committed to it, it’s not that big of a deal if you slip.  You’ll live.


  • 6 eggs
  • 4 thick slices of bacon
  • 1/2 cup berries

Lunch and snack

  • 8 oz chicken
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 apple
  • 1 oz almonds
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • vinegar

Dinner (haven’t eaten yet, but plan to have)

  • 8 oz pulled pork
  • 1-2 cups veggies
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 cup pistachios
  • 1 banana


I took the day off from exercise.  I was far too sore from lifting yesterday.  Tomorrow I join a new gym.  I am excited because I can get play pick-up basketball.

Paleo Lessons of the Day

The first thing I learned is I need to drink more water in the morning.  This morning I felt tired, dry and lethargic.  I stood on the scale and my body water was low.  Second, the cinnamon roles at work are excellent.  The third thing I learned is that variety is overrated.  I have eaten the same thing every day so far and have been satisfied.  I will add more variety later, but for now I am content.

Project Paleo Day 3

This morning sucked! I felt like someone picked me up and rung me out like a wash cloth.  This is probably because of the little know fact that when one starts a low carb diet they lose 5-10 lbs of water weight in the first week.  By the time I got coffee in my veins and dressed myself in my regular business attire for work I did not have time to make breakfast.

I had a little breakfast once I got in.  Work was a mess.  I felt like I was metaphorically shoveling shit all day.

On top of my day at work being a shit show, I had people offering me all kinds of delicious pastries all day.  It was brutal.  I am proud to say I did not give in to the temptation.

I left early and came home and watched the Cavs play the Raptors for awhile.  At half time I left to the gym for some lifting.  After my workout I felt great.  That was very encouraging.  Once of my worries is my workouts would such without having a lot of carbs in my diet.

I settled down to dinner and watch the rest of the game.


Today I ate about 2850 calories, 234 g protein, 147 g of carbs, and 152 grams of fat.  I’m thinking I need to eat more in the morning and during the day because I feel great after my evening meal, which is my largest.


  • 2 scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, and ham
  • 2 thin slices of bacon
  • 1 cup of fresh fruit

Lunch and Snack

  • 8 oz of chicken breast
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 1/2 cups of berries
  • 1 oz of almonds
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • vinegar


  • 8 oz pulled pork
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • Some A1 sauce
  • 1 cup carrots
  • 1 cup celery
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup grapes
  • 1/2 cup of pistachios
  • 4 slices of thick bacon


My workout today was good.  Today I did a total body weight lifting workout.  My goals was to get my muscles working so I can maintain my strength and muscle.

Lifting Workout

Night at the gym

Night at the gym

  • Power Clean + Front Squat – bar x10, 135×1 +10, 185×1 +8, 225×1 +6
  • Push Press – barx10, 135×10, 185×8, 205×4
  • Front press – 135×8
  • Pull-ups – 6,6,5
  • RDL – 225×8, 225×8, 225×8
  • Abs 4 sets
  • Dip – 12
  • Curl 35sx8

Today’s Paleo Lessons

The first thing I learned is I need to make sure I get enough at breakfast.  The next thing I learned was there will be temptation and I will need a plan.  Lastly,  I learned still train relatively hard and still eat this way of eating.


Project Paleo Day 2

paleo day 2 - baconI am a dietitian.  I’m eating paleo.  And yes, I’m okay with that.  A lot of people assume because I’m a dietitian that I am an advocate of, believe that a calorie is a calories, and that I tell everyone to eat what you want in moderation.  My only allegiance is to results.  That is why I am trying paleo for 30 days.  I want to see what results are possible with a paleo diet.

Bacon and Eggs!

One of the great things about eating paleo is eating meat, whole eggs and other natural high fat foods.  Bacon is probably the best part.  I did not do a lot of meal planning this week.  I just bought a bunch of healthy, natural foods and plan on the fly.


  • 5 whole eggs
  • 3 slices of thick bacon
  • 1 c berries

Lunch and snack

  • 8 oz of chicken breast
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 an apple
  • 1 oz almonds
  • 1 T olive oil
  • vinegar


  • 8 oz pulled pork
  • 1 cup carrots
  • 1 cup celery
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 1 cup grapes
  • 1/2 cup pistachios

This day’s eating gave me about 2700 calories, 240 g of protein, 105 g of carbs, 152 g of fat.  This seemed to be enough food but I have been trying to eat about 3000 calories a day.  I am definitely getting enough protein and carbs.  Getting enough fat will be my biggest challenge.

I intended to go to the gym but I worked until 7pm and was not in the mood for the gym.  Instead I did 10 minute on the elliptical at home.

Lessons From Day 2

Today I learned that this way of eating is possible for my work schedule.

I learned that Brazil nuts kill girlfriends.  My girlfriend has an allergy to some nuts.  Brazil nuts are one of those nuts.  She found this out after given me a kiss after snacking on one before dinner. Sorry, girlfriend.

Eating lots of healthy fats is the hardest part of eating paleo for me.


Project Paleo Day 1

paleo day 1 - chicken and vegetablesPeople often debate about which diet is best.  Right now, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo seem to be the most talked about.  Disciples for each of these diets have all their research ready to try sway you on why their diet is the best.  Research is all well and good but the only research subject that matters is you and I.  In that spirit, I am doing an experiment.  I am doing 30 days of the paleo diet to see what happens.  This is day one of my paleo project.

Before Paleo: Baseline

Prior to this I have been someone of an advocate of If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) with an emphasis on low glycemic carbs.  Admittedly, the last two months I have been eating whatever.  My appetite has not been that good recently, my energy has been low,  and I have gained some fat.  Here are some baseline numbers to show what my body composition has been the last two weeks.

Measurements for 11/7

before paleo

Before. On Powerlifting and Beer

  • Weight – 223.8 lbs
  • BEI body fat% – 16.5%
  • Skinfold body fat% – 14.25%
  • Total inches – 157 1/16

Measurements for 11/13

  • Weight – 224.6 lbs
  • BEI body fat% – 16.9%
  • Skinfolds% – 14.9%
  • Total inches – 159 1/16

Based on these measurements I gained 1.6 lbs of fat in a week by losing 0.8 lbs of muscle, and gaining 0.8 lbs of total weight.  Not exactly the type or recompositioning you want.  I should also not that I normally lift weights three times a week.  Last week I worked out once.

Day 1

Sunday was the first day project paleo.  I ate 3 meals and did about a 30 minute workout.  It felt okay.  I question whether I ate enough.  While the paleo diet is not about calorie counting, and tracking, I am tracking for the sake of experimentation.  I had about 2200 calories, 166 g of protein, 171 g of carbs (all from fruit, vegetables, and nuts) and 100 g of fat.


  • 5 whole eggs
  • 1 large orange
  • 1.5 oz of almonds


  • 6 oz of seared chicken breast
  • 2 C mixed vegetables
  • 1 T olvie oil (in cooking)

Dinner (After workout)seared chicken breast with lemon pepper

  • 6 oz seared chicken
  • 2 C mixed vegetables
  • 1 T olive oil (in cooking)
  • 1 large pomegranate (they’re in season.  Get you some!)
  • 1 large banana
  • 1/2 C pistachios

I drank water and 3 cups coffee throughout the day.  I am not giving up coffee and you can’t make me!

Lessons From Day 1

Things I learned on day 1 is, first, I gotta get 4 meals.  Three meals is not going to cut it from me in the long-term.  Second, I need to get more fat.  I am used to eating about 400 g of carbs a day.  If I do not replace those carbs with some healthy fats I’m gonna have a bad time.  Last, but not least, nuts are way too freakin’ expensive.  I knew this but I felt it yesterday at the grocery store.

Everyone Is On A Diet

It is estimated that at any given moment about 108 million Americans are following a diet.  I would offer that everyone is on a diet.  What I mean by that is if you eat,  you are on a diet or a habitual pattern of eating.  Typical Americans are on the pizza and burgers diet, alcoholics are on a liquid diet, and, according to my latest bank statement, I’m on the Starbucks coffee diet.  

A diet is a way of eating. The way you eat regardless of what amount of effort or planning and regardless of if it is a “good” or “bad” diet.  What you eat most of the time is your diet.  Chances are most people would not buy most other people’s diet book.

Your Diet Is The Starting Point For Success

Since no one is buying your diet plan, it may be worth asking “why not”? Eating or obtaining nourishment is one of most basic needs of any single celled organism, plant, or animal.  Man included.  The nutrition obtained from food decides how well we are meeting this basic need.  If you are leaving this basic requirement of life to chance, you are leaving YOUR  life to chance.  The more nutrition you obtain from your diet the more successful you will be at meeting other higher level needs.  These needs include health, fitness, safety, economic security,  and even love and career.  Your diet determines your success in life.

The Diet Environment Has Changed

Many people, in particular men, eat whatever they want.  Never giving any thought to what it is they need.  If it taste good, we eat it.  There was a time in man’s history where sweet meant “good” and bitter meant “bad”.  The environment from which we chose food was much different at that time.  We procured food by foraging, hunting, and gathering in forests and grasslands.  Now our forest is the isles of the grocery store where we forage for snacks, we hunt for pizza that’s “not delivery.  Its…”, all the while we gather fat around our mid-sections.

The food environment is no  less dangerous than when we were in the wild.  Discern what is real nourishing food from  what is chemically engineered formulations designed to make you eat more and that can make you sick and fat.

Diet Propaganda

What makes our current food environment even more dangerous is deception in the form of slick, gimmicky marketing.  “Try our low calorie, low fat snack.  It’s lite, so it’s better!” We fear calories and fat like they are poison.  Propaganda turned out by the government tells us so.  “Eat less calories, weigh less.”  “Eat less fat, be healthy.”  “Never mind sugar.  It’s just a carbohydrate that is lower in calories, so its better”  This has been the doctrine of the USDA since the 1960’s.  Yet, we are fatter and sicker than we have ever been.  It makes little sense to trust an agency that is responsible for the food supply with agriculture as well as creating the demand with nutrition guidelines, but this is exactly what the USDA does.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

Unfortunately I have no definitive answers to the diet dilemma.  What I do offer is this.  If you do not like the way your life is going and you are not as successful as you want to be, you need to check your diet.  Make a conscious informed choice  what you buy at the grocery store the food industry or the world will decide for you with bright Television ads and food guide pyramids.  Put your self on the diet you believe is right or the world will put you on it’s diet.

Summer ’16 Lifting Dirty Eating Clean #14

Lookin’ for revenge

I got up late this morning.  No reading, no breakfast, and all coffee.  That did not stop me from having a kick ass day.  I got to work on this sunny Monday, August 1st and planned out my month.  Never underestimate the power of a good plan.

Around noon I had a baked chicken breast and zucchini.  I read some interesting research on the effect of healthy testosterone levels have on memory, visuospatial skills and other parts of cognition this afternoon.  I became interested in the part of cognition called executive control.  If you’ve never heard of it, google it.  It will blow your hair back.  Before I knew it it was 3 pm.  Snack time.  Same as lunch.

In the even it was bench press time.  Here was my workout this lovely evening:

  • Bench press – 45×10, 95×8, 135×5, 185×3, 210x5x5
  • Incline press – 135×10, 165×8, 185×5, 135×12
  • T-bar row – 2 plates x10, 2.5 plates x8, 3 plates x8, 3.5 plates x6, 2 plates to failure, 1 plate to failure
  • Tricep extensions
  • bicep curls
  • Core exercises
  • stretching

I feel like I am making nice gains in the bench press.  Friday’s max effort bench press should be fun.  I tried to do a little squatting and deadlifting with the just the bar.  My left quad is annoyingly weak.  No pain in the back but I definitely need to get my legs activated again.

After training I had a protein shake and a couple bananas.

For dinner I got a little  creativity.  I had some shredded pork, sun-dried tomatoes, and cream cheese.  I put it all on whole grain bread for a couple open faced sandwiches served with a side of roasted cauliflower. Bam!

open face pork sandwich

That’s it for the evening.


Summer ’16 Lifting Dirty Eating Clean #13

Lookin’ for revenge…

Day off mutha f’r!  I needed it too.  I drank coffee and read all morning.  It was great!  Come noon I had pulled pork sandwich and a bowl of berries.

After lunch I did a bunch of meal prep ahead because I’m going to celebrating my ladies birthday all weekend.  I put a pork shoulder in the crock pot which is still simmering as I am writing.  I roasted some chicken breast.

But it’s not all about the meat.  I also roasted some zucchini and cauliflower (recipe here).  To finish I boiled some corn on the cob.  “Everybody wanna eat clean, but nobody wanna cook.”

Once I was done in the kitchen it was time to go finish out my workout for the week.  Today was the first time I maxed bench press in a long time.  And it wasn’t really a true max.  I did 245 lbs for 3 and I left a rep or two on the bar.  I didn’t have a spot.  Here is the full workout:

  • Bench press – 45×10, 95×8, 135×5, 185×3, 225×1, 245×3
  • Close grip bench press – 185×15
  • Pull-up – bwx6 bw+20×5, bw+40×1, bwx11
  • Fly – 3 sets
  • Curl – 2 sets
  • back rehab

Once I got home I had a protein shake.  It was an interesting recipe.  Whole milk, 1 serving of graham crackers, berries, protein shake, and creatine.  Bam.  Now I am getting ready to go to dinner with my special lady.  Italian.  I can’t wait for some pasta and a beer.  Later!


Summer ’16 Lifting Dirty Eating Clean #12

Lookin’ for revenge…

Yesterday was pretty stressful but I found time to take care of a lot of my important tasks.  In the morning I read, had an egg sandwich with mango, and did my back rehab.  I don’t care what people say about spot reduction.  It works.  I should preface that by saying it works as long as you are eating right, and doing a complete workout that works your whole body at least 3 time a week.  I get comments from my girlfriend that she is seeing more abs since I started doing my back rehab workout.  If you are curious about what my back rehab program consists of, here it is:

Work was quite stressful, but I managed to eat lunch in the cafe.  For lunch I had a buffalo chicken wrap, and a salad.  I was so busy that I did not get to lunch until 1:30pm.  I was a grumpy manager.  haha

cobb salad

In the evening I relaxed my face off.  I had a cobb salad around 5pm and it was great.  I firmly believe a cobb salad is perfect for men.  It has chicken breast for protein, bacon and eggs for healthy testosterone building fats (yes I think saturated fat can be healthy), and a variety of veggies that support men’s health.  Though, I did cause my girlfriend to have an allergic reaction.  She is allergic to fish and the green goddess dressing had anchovies in it.  She didn’t eat any but I did kiss her after we ate.  So she’s dead.  haha kidding.  She took benadryl and she was fine.

poor dog

One note worthy event of the day was taking our dogs to get fixed.  Something about taking an animals balls has never set well with me.  But the powers that be say it has to happen or we’ll have torn up furniture, dog orgies, and teenage doggy pregnancy.  I don’t want our dogs to be another statistic so we got on with it, despite my hang-ups about animal castration.

I rounded out the evening with some TV, a glass of Jameson, and peanutbutter on graham crackers.  Kind of a weird day for the Grown Man, but I’m off today.  I plan to cook, max my bench and have a fun birthday weekend for my lady.  Later!


Summer ’16. Lifting Dirty, Eating Clean #11

Lookin’ for revenge…

So much for a meeting in Denver today.  I got up this morning at 5am, got on the road, and was all set for the training.  Then 5 minutes before the session was set to start it was cancelled.  What the hell!  As I mentioned yesterday, The food at these things is horrendous with regards to eating clean and they did not disappoint.  The food groups included danish, doughnut with a hole, doughnut without a hole, and coffee.  Thank goodness there is was coffee.

I had nothing to do at work because I had planned to be in freakin’ Denver.  Once I got home I called it a day.  I took a nice two hour nap.  Sleep is so good.  Nothing makes gains better than good nutrition and sleep.

Speaking of good nutrition, I had a couple pulled pork sandwiches that I made with lean pork and whole grain buns once I got up from my nap .  I added blueberries for some fruit.  I wish I had salad stuff but I was out.

Come about 3pm I was sitting around reading and writing.  It was time for a snack.  I had a protein drink made with whole milk (and love of course).  I use whole milk because I believe it is better for men than low fat and skim milk.  Keep following and I may post why.

Around 5pm it was time for to workout.  It was a light day so I did less volume than Monday.  Here was today’s workout:

  • Press – 45×10, 75×8, 95×5, 125×3, 145x5x2
  • Sides Raises – 20×12, 25×12
  • Rear Delt TRX – 10, 10
  • Dips – 12, 12
  • Dumbbell Curl – 30x12x2

My ticeps and chest were so freakin’ sore!!! The workout served it’s purpose, though.  Today was light and I got some work in.

After my workout I had some chicken breast, pasta, and broccoli.

That was pretty much it for the day.  I got another meal before bed and some chilling to do with my women.  Then more sleep.

Goodnight, gentleman!